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Mocca Java coffee is a classic blend that has been enjoyed by coffee lovers for over a century. Mocca Java coffee is a blend of two different types of coffee beans: East African and Indonesian . The African is a coffee bean that has been grown in the region for centuries, and is known for its intense, fruity flavor and rich, earthy aroma. The Indonesian, on the other hand, is a coffee bean grown on the island of Java, which is known for its smooth, mild flavor and low acidity. The combination of these two beans creates a unique flavor profile that is both bold and smooth, with a rich, chocolaty taste and a slightly spicy finish. *** DUE TO A SUPPLY CHAIN INTERUPTION YOUR COFFEE MAY BE SHIPPED IN 2LB (907g) BAGS INSTEAD OF CANS.***  

BIG VALUE Mocca Java Blend (907g) BAG

SKU: 072668000050
C$15.99 Regular Price
C$11.99Sale Price
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