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Signature Roasts Since 1989.

If you're a coffee lover who craves a bold and intense flavor, then Dark Roasted Colombian Coffee is the perfect choice for you. Dark roasting brings out the full-bodied flavor of Colombian coffee, enhancing its rich and earthy notes while reducing its acidity. The result is a smooth and full-bodied coffee with a distinct nutty and chocolatey taste that lingers on the palate. Dark Roasted Colombian Coffee is perfect for those who prefer their coffee strong and bold, and it's also a great choice for making espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. With its robust and satisfying taste, Dark Roasted Colombian Coffee is the perfect way to start your day and keep you going through the afternoon. *** DUE TO A SUPPLY CHAIN INTERUPTION YOUR COFFEE MAY BE SHIPPED IN 2LB (907g) BAGS INSTEAD OF CANS.***

BIG VALUE Dark Roast Colombia (TIN 800g) (BAG 907g)

SKU: 772668000165
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