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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am writing this because I thought that that we should bring to light the issues we have had supplying Amazon Canada with our top selling Kona Blend on their platform. From our experience Amazon has treated us, and I am sure many other suppliers with a total lack of respect and without recourse when trying to forge a mutually beneficial relationship.


BACKGROUND: Amazon since the beginning of our commercial relationship back in 2016 has been the most problematic customer that we have had. Mostly the issues were around their errors in receiving as well as their errors in payment. Very surprising considering their supposed technologic advancements. We have had 30 - 40 major issues with them because of this.

KONA: We submitted our cost to Amazon in 2016. This cost was sustainable but not profitable up until the pandemic. We allowed this because using Amazon gave our brand good exposure and it brought us new customers across the country!

During the beginning of the pandemic and with the supply chain issues that we saw our costs go way up. From packaging, shipping, wages, to the coffee that we import and roast, everything became much more costly. This year Amazon asked us to increase our list price which we did from 12.99 to 15.99. With their cost to customer increased we figured that they would allow us to bring the product from the current loss per sale, to a break even, or possible profit. This was not the case. Amazon refused any cost increase instead they want to pocket the now very high profit margin. They are taking 3 times what a grocery store would take. This is unfair to you and to us.

VENDOR TREATMENT: With math in hand we appealed their pricing decision and submitted requests for assistance from their team to look at the issue.

  1. There is no phone number for vendors to speak to a human, instead they rely on agents primarily in Chengdu China and Hyderabad India who can only send canned responses to requests for help.

  2. The responses are unhelpful general basic business suggestions, or they ask us to use their system to do what we had at that point done multiple times.

  3. They do not answer your questions or specific concerns. The give the "I understand that it can be frustrating" line along with basically saying there is nothing we can do. What you get as far as assistance is a circle of three canned responses. We looped through the circle 3 times before giving up.

  4. Unrelated to the first three points Amazon has taken it upon themselves to fine suppliers for their receiving issues. They change rules, and create rules, without any notice. Then fine you for the issue. What stand out the most is that we have to map every box contents that we ship to them in their data system. Basically we enter what is in the box. We then print an Amazon case label and stick it on each case of coffee that we send. The multiple barcodes on the box connects the box to Amazons data system. Scan the box barcode, you know what is in the box. But no!! Amazon doesn't rely on the barcode, they want us to create another label that says what's in the box. Why? Because their whole advanced technology usage is questionable. At the end of the day they rely on BUDDY with a walkie rider to read the label I guess. The three orders that were caught between the shipped out date and the new rules being enforced had Amazon fine us $5.00 per box.


When considering the current cost with all of the Amazon fees we lose every time we sell to them.

At this point Amazon is refusing to allow us to at least cover our costs. They will only accept the 2016 cost.


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